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Determining if risk of collision exists by use of radar equipment

  • Rule(s) to be applied: Rule 7 (Risk of collision)
  • Applying the Rule(s) and comments: In accordance with Rule 7 (b) (Risk of collision), proper use shall be made of radar equipment if fitted and operational, including long-range scanning to obtain early warning of risk of collision and radar plotting or equivalent systematic observation of detected objects.
    Radar can be used for determining risk of collision as follows:
    - using EBL and VRM for determining bearing and range of other vessel,
    - using radar data (bearing and range) for determining risk of collision using plotting sheet,
    - using ARPA for obtaining CPA, TCPA,
    - using AIS for obtaining other ships data,
    - when using two radars suggestion is to set radar screen on different ranges (e.g. one on 6 M and another on 12 M),
    - long-range scanning should be used to obtain early warning of risk of collision.

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