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Traffic separation schemes

  • Rule(s) to be applied: Rule 10 (Traffic separation schemes)
  • Applying the Rule(s) and comments: In accordance with Rule 10 (a) (Traffic separation schemes), Rule 10 (Traffic separation schemes) applies to traffic separation schemes adopted by the Organization and does not relieve any vessel of her obligation under any other rule.
    Organization means International Maritime Organization.
    In a traffic separation scheme all vessels are obliged to apply rules from any other Part (Part A - General, Part B - Steering and sailing rules, Part C - Lights and shapes, Part D - Sound and lights signal, Part E - Exemptions).
    Rules that are particularly applied in traffic separation schemes are: Rule 1 , Rule 2 , Rule 3 , Rule 4 , Rule 5 , Rule 6 , Rule 7, Rule 8 , Rule 11 , Rule 12 , Rule 13 , Rule 15, Rule 16 , Rule 17 , Rule 18 , Rule 19 and Rule 34 .

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