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Действието, което се предприема с цел разминаването да стане на безопасно разстояние

  • Прилагано правило/а: Rule 8 (Action to avoid collision )
  • Прилагане на правилото/ата и коментари: In accordance with Rule 8 (d) (Action to avoid collision ), action taken to avoid collision with another vessel shall be such as to result in passing at a safe distance. The effectiveness of the action shall be carefully checked until the other vessel is finally past and clear.
    The action should be taken in ample time, and not to wait that the situation becomes worse. The action taken in ample time can be further assessed and if such action does not result in passing at a safe distance reassessment may be done still in time. All actions should diffuse the dangerous situation and result in passing at a safe distance.

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