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Sound signalling equipment for vessels over 100 m

  • Rule(s) to be applied: Rule 33 (Equipment for sound signals)
  • Applying the Rule(s) and comments: In accordance with Rule 33 (a) (Equipment for sound signals), a vessel of 100 metres or more in length shall be provided with a whistle, a bell and a gong, the tone and sound of which cannot be confused with that of the bell.
    In accordance with Rule 33 (a) (Equipment for sound signals), the whistle, bell and gong shall comply with the specifications in Annex III to these Regulations. The bell or gong or both may be replaced by other equipment having the same respective sound characteristics, provided that manual sounding of the prescribed signals shall always be possible.
  • Signals: Sound of a whistle
  • Signals: Sound of a bell
  • Signals: Sound of a gong

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